Thursday, March 24, 2011

I LOVED IT! The Abridged Melinda Doolittle Critiques American Idol, Motown Night edition, wherein I summarize for you the views of an AI vet from the AI heartland of adult-contemporary ballads and non-rock oldies radio: Casey - I loved it!; Thia - I loved it!; Jacob - I loved it!; Lauren - I loved it!; Stefano - I loved it!; Haley - I loved it!; Scotty - I am not familiar with this country music, so I pass!; Pia - I loved it!; Paul - [smiles pleasantly]; Naima - I loved it!; James - I love him!


  1. spacewoman1:45 PM

    Awesome.  Although that kind of felt like JLo's critique too.

    When are we going to see Vicki Iovine on the show, dammit?

  2. Nigel Lythgoe tweeted: <span>#Spoiler Alert: Shocking #AmericanIdol news tonight!!!</span>

    My guess: Casey in the bottom three. You do not want to bat leadoff in this league.

  3. Daniel Fienberg2:17 PM

    I should note that Melinda's been perfectly capable of criticizing contestants in her previous weeks' rankings for the site. But yes... This week she had a lot of love... 


  4. Coming into this week, I had Stefano, Thia and Haley at the bottom of my Fantasy team. Not making a change this week, though I do think Stefano's going home. 

  5. Jenn.3:01 PM

    Shocking American Idol news?  Huh.  That doesn't sound only like someone being in the bottom 3, to me.

  6. isaac_spaceman3:06 PM

    By the way, that's not a spoiler.

  7. StvMg5:02 PM

    Melinda seemed much more forthcoming - and even occasionally critical - during an interview a couple of weeks ago on that Idoloonies video thing that Michael Slezak does. I'd take issue with the notion that she's not familiar with country music, considering she went to college in Nashville and might even still live there. In fact, during that interview I mentioned, she pointed out that she'd gone to school with Josh Turner, the original singer of that "baby lock the door" song Scott was often singing in the preliminary rounds (I guess the song is actually called "Your Man.")

  8. isaac_spaceman5:34 PM

    I admit that I was reading between the lines a bit -- her actual criticism was "it wasn't my cup of tea, but people who like him will like it."  So maybe it was more "I'm not fond of country music" (or "I'm not fond of Scotty") than "I'm not familiar with it."