Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HIGHER, FASTER, STUPIDER: Do you enjoy skiing but tire of paying for lift tickets? Do you think that the one thing missing from the sport is two-way slope traffic? Why not get a jetpack?


  1. randy4:09 PM


  2. Joseph J. Finn5:19 PM

    My objection to this is the same as my objection to flying cars: people are insane enough on the roads, and I'm supposed to trust them in the sky?

  3. Jenn.7:37 PM

    Now, I know that I fall into category of "person who does not get the attraction of hurtling myself down an icy slope through bittercold air," but even setting that aside, I can't help but think that this sounds like a ready recipe for pretty horrible accidents.  I mean, there are some pretty horrible ones without jetpacks---but this seems to ensure there will be more.

    The boyfriend would also be concerned that this further reduces the chances of me ever giving skiing a chance, but really, the odds of that were never high, anyway.

  4. calliekl8:40 PM

    My first thought is INSANITY... then I remember all the times at Smuggler's Notch, where for some reason the condos are way far away from the main trail... and in order to ski back to them, you have to go uphill. And since my best friend was a snowboarder, and they can't go uphill, I had to drag him behind me. I would have given him up for one of those jet packs, for sure.

  5. isaac_spaceman8:45 PM

    That really should have been the post title, right?

  6. Heh.  It's just a Pavlovian response to the work "jetpack", for me.