Thursday, March 24, 2011

EGOT WATCH: Robin Williams already has two Emmy Awards (Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program), five Grammy Awards (4 comedy, 1 children), and an Oscar (Good Will Hunting). This NYMag profile promoting his upcoming starring role in the Pulitzer Prize-finalist play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo makes implicit that he probably wouldn't mind the recognition for his serious side that a Tony would confer, which would make him the first to hit for the cycle in nearly a decade.


  1. Williams has nary a prayer for it this year.  Pacino's basically locked down Actor in a Play, with Dan Lauria having a (very) outside shot for Lombardi.  Add to it you have Chris Rock, John Leguizamo, Mark Rylance, and Ben Stiller all in that category, and it's tricky.

    Of course, had they had "special theatrical event," Williams would likely have won it for the comedy concert a few years back.

  2. Emily9:12 AM

    I think Matt is correct. Pacino is likely to win and if not Mark Rylance delivered (or is about to deliver) two very solid performance this year with La Bete and Jerusalem.

  3. christy in nyc9:34 AM

    I've seen Bengal Tiger, and Williams is good in it, (personally I think he's a much better actor than stand-up), but it's a pretty crowded play season and those plays are pretty jam-packed with male leads. If this is his grasp for an EGOT he picked a tough, tough year to do it, even without a shoo-in like Pacino.

  4. This is actually an unusally male-driven year all around, with a number of shows plainly targetting a young male demographic as much or more than the traditional theatre audience--Lombardi, Book of Mormon, M**********r With The Hat, That Championship Season, and Spider-Man are all trying to get men in the doors.  Even the shows which are designed more traditionally are heavy on male leads this year--How To Succeed, Priscilla, Catch Me If You Can.  (Beth Leavel v. Sutton Foster for Best Actress in a musical may be interesting, though.)

  5. Benner1:40 PM

    My money's on Randy Newman.  Lily Tomlin should have gotten "O" for Nashville, though.

  6. We discussed this in June:

    <span>Benner</span><span> (</span> 
    <span>Julie Andrews could get a Tony on demand.  Agree that Randy Newman and Lily Tomlin both have a good shot.  John Williams fits the mold of a composer, but I'd really, really hate to think of what he would do to the genre of musical comedy.  (Though the Star Wars Cantina scene shows promise.)</span>Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 09:24:37<span><span>– </span>Flag</span><span><span> – </span>Like</span><span><span> – </span>Reply</span><span><span> – </span>Moderate</span>

    I've still got Marc Shaiman for next (O), which is more likely I think than Newman hitting a T.

  7. isaac_spaceman7:12 PM

    So he should have done Doubtfire and submitted as a woman?