Friday, January 16, 2009

ANALOGIES: CHUCK BERRY:R&RHOF AS BABE RUTH:BHOF: In our recent discussions about the inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame and to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, from time to time we make analogies regarding how, for example, a music star compares to a baseball star. And, in fact, our earliest analysis of whether artists belong in the R&RHOF was based upon the Keltner list derived by Bill James to determine whether baseball players belong in the BHOF.

Now comes the "One Poor Correspondent" blog to take this a step further with an illuminating post noting 7 such analogies, focusing primarily on recent inductees to the two Halls. Neither Adam nor I feel the Metallica analogy in the post is quite apt. Adam suggests that Metallica is analogous to Mariano Rivera.

Feel free to make your own pairs. This post lists what its author feels are the 25 Most Deserving Non-Inductees to the R&RHOF. Perhaps one of them is the "Bert Blylven" or "Tim Raines" of rock music.

Here are lists of the members of the Baseball HOF and the R&RHOF.

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